Backyard poultry is become increasingly popular with families looking for quality foods to feed their family.  Chickens are easy to care for and fun to watch forage, plus they make you breakfast daily!

Essex Co-Op carries a variety of poultry feeds, including organic and natural choices.  We have everything you need to start a flock from feed, waterers, feeders and fencing to the coops they will live in.


The Co-op carries day old chicks every Spring and holds a few Chick Day's with presentations on how to care for your new flock.  Our chicks are vaccinated for Mereks and have been sexed (should be hens).  Place a pre-order if there are certain breeds of chicks that you want. The breeds of chicks we have this Spring are: 

Rhode Island Red
Barred Rock
New Hampshire Red
Buff Orpington
White Leghorn
Silver Laced Wyandotte
Golden Comet
Black Sexlink

Check out our poultry care articles on our Poultry Blog page for information on starting out new chicks. 

Our poultry aisle is stocked with all the treats and supplements you will need to keep your flock happy, healthy and laying for years to come. 

Don't see your brand? No problem. We welcome special orders! Give us a call at 978-887-2300.

Grain​ we carry:

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Poultry Supply   Brands:​ 


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