Hardware & Home Supplies



If you need it, we carry it!



Don't see your brand? No problem. We welcome special orders! Give us a call at 978-887-2300.

Essex County Co-Op has an extensive hardware department, stocking everything you need to care for your home along with some helpful items for the homeowner. 


Make the Co-Op your go-to place for short and long handled tools, rakes, shovels and pruners.  Our hardware aisles is full of nuts, bolts, screws, door hardware, hooks and snaps.  

Having rodent trouble?  We have some effective solutions including traps and repellents, along with predator urines.  We carry sizes of Hav A Hart traps from mouse to raccoon!  

Setting up a play yard for your dog or paddock for your horse?  Are your chickens bothered by hawks?  Keep them safe and contained with Fencing from the Co-Op.  We have electric, split rail, wire and poultry fencing along with wood, metal and plastic posts.  Make the job easier with a Post Hole Digger!

If you need to make a little more room in your garage or are looking for housing for your chickens check out our Outbuildings.   We have chicken coops and rabbit hutches and are a dealer of Eastern Sheds.  There are displays out in front of the Co-Op of sheds, Ozark Custom Canopies and Step Guys steps along with Chicken Coops and Hutches.