It's time to order your Spring chicks!  Drop off your paid pre-order by March 14th for pick up your new babies on April 3rd.  Our chicks are sexed and vaccinated for Mareks.  

Choose from the following chicken breeds:

Rhode Island Red               White Leghorn

Barred Rock                         Araucana

Buff Orpington                   Silver Laced Wyandotte

Golden Comet                    Black Sexlink

Cornish Rock Cross

Spring Chick Pre-orders
March 14th
chick order form 2020.jpg

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Propane Tank Refills  or Exchanges

Essex Co-Op can refill your
existing tank or we can do a
propane tank exchange with
AmeriGas Exchange Tanks.
Going on a trip in your RV? 
Fill up your RV's tanks at the Co-Op before you leave!

Expanded Hardware Department

Essex Co-Op's recently expanded hardware department has just about everything your need to take care of your home from the tools to do the job to home decor!  

Propane, Grills, Picnic Tables and Adirondack Chairs, Flea and tick repellents, Poison Ivy Spray,  Fertilizers, Hydroponic Supplies, Traditional and Organic Gardening Solutions, Grass Seed, Ice, Coolers, Flashlights, Rakes, Pruners, Hand Tools, Nuts and Bolts, Rodent Control, Wheelbarrows, Key Making, Hav A Hart Traps, Mrs. Meyers, Lodge Cast Iron Cookware, Canning Supplies, Water Softening Salts, Boots, Gloves, Clamming Supplies, Lanterns, Flashlights, Automotive Supplies, Tarps, Sump Pumps, Sand and Sand Bags, Ice Melt, Shovels, Hoses, Bagged Soils, Trash Barrels, Sun Screen ... We are so much more than a Feed and Pet Supply Store!

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